If we have ever worked together in the past, please feel free to leave an honest review below! Please be sure to include your location and the genre of the shoot we worked on together when you’re posting. Don’t forget to include your social media links too so that other people can follow your work!

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  1. Mr. NVT

    Aside being my favorite model to shoot, you’re also my favorite model to create with, and learn from. Your rigging skills are exemplary, your photographic eye is sharp, and I appreciate how extra safety-conscious you are when tying beginners. Your self-suspension work is unsurpassed.

    I always get compliments when we’re working together, on how straightforward and professional you are.

    In photography, even though we have very different shooting styles, I love your vision, and your process to compose an image.

    Finally, as a Dom myself, I can attest to how proficient and attentive you are in your fetish services.

    Model, rigger, shooter, Domme… you got it all girl!

    Anyone who’s worked with you knows, your work is worth every penny spent.

  2. Tony Mazzara

    I’ve worked with Emily three to four times so far in Atlanta, GA. Each time, she’s shown up on time, ready to model. She’s great to work with. She follows instructions well. She works hard and knows her stuff.

  3. robert barford

    As a model Emily has the ability pose in countless ways as well as show a wide range of emotion throughout each pose. Certainly one of the few you will find hanging upside down from a crane!

  4. John Sichenze

    Emily is one of my favorite models to shoot with. She is on time, professional and shows up ready to work and is game for anything I think up, even hanging upside down from my tractor. We capture amazing shots even in the clothes she wore in. That tells you it it his her abilities to rock the shot not the clothes.
    She is an amazing self rigger and we have suspended her multiple times. You will get the shot you want, just ask her and be ready to be wowed.

  5. Scott Berger

    What can I say about Emily? Emily is incredible as a model, as a photographer, as a rigger, and as a mentor. Emily is a professional and needs no guidance to produce magic. However, at the same time she is willing to accept instruction and guidance to help get the shot. She is an excellent rigger. On countless occasions I have watched her tie herself and each time leaves me in awe of her skills. You can feel confident that you are going to work with a true professional in Emily!

  6. Marshall

    I have been working with Emily for a long time. Every time we shoot we like to test our boundaries and try and go outside of them. It is always fun to push creativity with her and see what we can create. Can’t wait to see what we brainstorm next.

  7. Bruce Matthews

    I have worked with Emily both as my safety person/.rigger and as a model where she self rigged and we used a very small room for nude/foot fetish photos. Best days of my photography life. I will find a way to work with her more.

  8. Travis

    Easily one of the best models I’ve worked with! Emily is more than just a pretty face. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her art. She is very helpful, listens very well, and truly makes for a very successful shoot. Would recommend highly and will for sure be booking her again myself.

  9. There are so many good points to this model is difficult to single out any one thing. Suffice it to say one of the best models I have ever worked with. Ready willing and able to go the extra mile to get the shot. Easy to talk to easy to work with by far one of the best out there! I am extremely impressed with Emily and believe me for me that’s saying a lot. I don’t tend to hand out compliments easily but I am pleased and impressed with her work. Thank you Emily I am looking forward to shooting with you again!

  10. Sarah Ann

    Emily is the!!! So sweet and a very talented photographer!!
    She did my business photos for a campaign and I could not be happier with how she captured the vision. Thank you!!

  11. Nekenivel Photo

    I recently shot with Emily, Aug 2022. I was literally blown away by her incredible physical beauty and confidence in front of the camera. We shot mostly nude/erotic and she was simply incredible and was open to shooting all that I was hoping to capture. She is confident, physically there is no equal, super sexy, and enjoys sharing her gifts wiith the photographer. I loved every minute of our shoot, will be working with her again and again as her travels allow, and I URGE ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS to get this woman in front of your camera. As a famous person said during a famous moment in time, “I don’t believe what I just saw”, is a solid review of what this woman is.

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