Rules: Anyone being tied must not be intoxicated. If limbs begin to feel numb or tingly, you MUST inform me as soon as possible so that it can be monitored properly.

Spotlight Check-In System: Green- Everything is good, you may continue. Yellow- Please change something, then continue. Red- Stop and untie, now.

Safety Policy: Rigging comes with the liability of possible nerve damage among other potential life long injuries if accidents happen. Of course I always do my best to prevent this, but before being tied it is important that you understand the risk involved with the activity. If you choose not to communicate properly, and that causes your injury I can not be held responsible. My shears are always on me, or in the near vicinity when I am tying. I also generally have two exit points tied into my harnesses. Therefore if honest communication is happening at check-ins, there should not be a problem.

Rates: $50/hour when tying someone other than myself or $25/hour when tying myself is scheduled as a part of a photo shoot.